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About – ANZ

For more than 175 years, ANZ has helped Australians to achieve their personal and business financial goals.

We are dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and with the communities which we operate in. We have grown and expanded over the years and now we cater to the needs of 8 million clients in some 32 countries.

Our Reach

In addition to our Australian and New Zealand operations, we have presence in Asia and the Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe and America.

Our work force exceeds 48,000 people located in different parts of the globe. We are constantly working to diversify our range of financial products and services even further.

Our core goal is to become a super regional bank

Our strategy involves increasing our presence in Asia and the Pacific and sourcing up to 30% of our earnings from these regions and from Europe and America by 2017.

Services – ANZ

ANZ can help you to get out of debt completely and for good.

If you have several credit cards and store cards with ever growing outstanding balances, we can provide a debt consolidation solution which is effective, simple and quick. With our loan for people with bad credit you will be able to pay all outstanding debts which you currently have.

In this way, you will have to make just a single regular payment from now on.

We offer highly flexible loan terms

We will work with you to tailor the loan to your needs. We will come up with a repayment plan which matches your situation and budget. You can have greater disposable income during the month. You can generate considerable savings. You can rely on us for helping you with getting out of the situation which you are in and with regaining control over your finances.

You can make the first step towards financial stability today by filling out this online application form.

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Summary of Services

  • Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit
  • Bad Credit Vehicle Loans
  • Personal loans for Bad Credit
  • Loans for Bad Credit
  • Loans for Blacklisted people
  • Secured Personal Cash Loans
  • Quick Personal Cash Loans

Bad credit? NO problem, ANZ can help

ANZ in Australia we assist all people with bad credit loans when no one else will. When ANZ was established, we intended to create a transparent and profound promise to consumers to deliver a loan which was suitable for anyone, and we did.

Driven by constant innovation over the years, we created a platform, integrated loan service organisation and enlarged our original promise to incorporate a unique and different way to allow customers to access cash when they needed it.

Throughout our constant innovation and current growth, our initial goal has remained unchanged – enhancing and protective our clients finances has evolved into our core purpose that frames our ambition, strategy and business methodology.

Our core purpose is expressed in our complete service options and beneficial products we provide to our shoppers across the country.

ANZ provides financial security to its customers and their families

These are the crucial areas that we tend to aim to offer our clients the best possible price and build a trust within the relationships we build in our society. We always strive to deliver continuous innovation designed to give Australians services that facilitate them and their families to enhance their lives in more ways than one which includes keeping their financial situations under control and improving their lives.

This client-centric approach means we care about your wellbeing, and assist you in getting finance when no one else will offer it to you. We know that applying through larger banking institutions, is not easy. When they see you have a bad credit history, they immediately shut you down. Not with ANZ.

Our financial solutions are quick & easy to access

Our online applications are straight forward and easy to use, form the comfort of your own home.

We make life a little easier, we don’t believe that getting finance should be hard!

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