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About – Absolute Financial Services

Absolute Financial Services (AFS) in Australia will help you get the fast loan you need, without the hassles of your bad credit letting you down.

We Offer all kinds of loan products

We’re a brokerage firm in the financial sector offering all kinds of loan products to assist clients who are having problems getting finance because of their credit score.

We have 17 years’ experience in our industry, which has taught us a lot over the years.

Contact us now and get same day cash!

Our knowledge works in favour of our new and existing clients, building on what we know; we use this in helping people every day. Acting and working on behalf of our clients, we do the search for you.

We have some of the best lenders in the country all available to offer their loan services to our clients. Our job is to match your specific criteria to the best suited lender. Don’t feel like there is no help out there, we can help you today. 

Services – Absolute Financial Services

We can get a bad credit loan of between $5,000 and $30,000 through our accredited lenders.

With one of the largest financier bases in the country, there is no limit to the loan products and unique services we can provide for our clients.

We waiver high interest rates

We have the ability and leverage to waiver high interest rates, and fight for negotiated fees to suit your budget.

Personal loans and bad credit loans are right here for you at Absolute Financial Services (AFS) in Australia.

Don't Risk getting Turned Down Again

Often our clients have been turned away by a handful or even more lenders, when they have tried to get a personal loan on their own.

Don’t be another statistic, let us help you, with our partnerships, we do all the work on your behalf, leaving you more time to carry on with life.

Get a loan to use for a holiday, pay off your expenses, and consolidate your debts and much more.

Summary of Services

  • BAD CREDIT loans
  • VEHICLE loans
  • PERSONAL loans
  • BUSINESS loans
  • HOME loans

AFS Loans in Australia - your saving grace for bad credit

Absolute Financial Services (AFS) in Australia have the bad credit loan just for you. We offer our experience in the industry as a lifesavings commodity.

By working with a firm that knows the industry, you are already halfway to your goal. Upfront, our services save you the time and the money in finding you an accredited lender, who is willing to assist you with a fast loan.

We Offer these benefits:

  • We do all the searching for you
  • Our searching and assessment service is totally free
  • We offer flexible repayment terms on the loans we find ranging between 1 to 7 years
  • Transparent pricing allows you to keep in control of your budget
  • Repayment terms can be arranged over weekly, fortnightly and monthly terms, making life a lot easier for you
  • Get fast approval and pay out of your loans – application take a few minutes, approval and pay out within 24 hours
  • Smaller amounts through unsecured options, no risk to client
  • Larger amounts through secure loan options, with affordable terms
  • Get a fixed or variable term on your rates – you get all the options!

We offer more than a competitive price and competative loan option. 

Let our experience and helpful consultants assist you whenever you have any questions in regards to your blacklisted loan, we are here to assist you at all times.

We offer valuable guidance into helping you get your finances back on track! Call us today!

We can find you the loan you need, so you can start enjoying the greater things in life once more.

 Contact Details

144 Bazaar Street, Maryborough, QLD, 4650, Australia
Ph: 07 4123 6365 / 1300 556 246
Fx: 07 4123 6474

 Postal Address

PO Box 582, Maryborough, QLD, 4650, Australia